Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Say, "Thank you!"

Years ago when I lived in Houston, the wife and I had a favorite restaurant.  And I had a favorite dish there.

One day we went in, and it was off the menu.  Sadness!  I asked the manager about it.  He told me that they'd had complaints about it, but no one ever said they liked it.

I learned a lesson that day - many more people complain than compliment or say thank you.

After that, I decided that I was going to start telling people what they were doing right, so they'd know it was right, and I could keep getting it.  Some examples of what I mean:

A pharmacy where we had prescriptions closed and transferred their prescriptions to another nearby.  The new pharmacy had about a 33% increase in their number of customers.  I went in the first time to pick up a prescription, and the staff member said hello as I walked up and kept apologizing for the delay.  Funny thing was, even though they were much busier than they had been before, their service was better than the old pharmacy. On return trips, one lady was so friendly and helpful that I had to tell her how much I appreciated the service.  Then I went and told her manager.  I figure that compliments are great and all, but a word to a manager may get her a raise.

I work with photos and reports sent by email from a large number of contract inspectors.  Some do a great job, and some... not so much.  When I get a good set of information, I try to email the guy directly and tell him what he did right and why I appreciated it.  I copy the person at my company who decides which inspector to send out on a job.  I want that guy getting more work.

We live, largely, in a service economy.  Lots of the people you encounter have had to deal with grumpy people before you got there.  Thank them for their good work, and tell their boss.

We each contribute to the environment we live in.  I want my environment to be better.

Do you?

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